Monday, February 15, 2010

Going for a Run!

It's a beautiful day out in Portland and I have the day off from work! Here is my pre-run breakfast:
banana with Trader Joe's peanut butter
English muffin with cinnamon and sugar
A little bit of Gatorade

My run was ok. It wasn't my fastest/best run but it wasn't awful. I did discover, however, I am NOT a fan of Addidas running shoes. I kept getting pebbles and dirt in my shoes, which meant I had to stop and take them off. Grrr--that never happened with Nikes! And not only that, on the way home my foot started to hurt. I'm a Nike girl. I've never had a problem or pain with Nike running shoes. Looks like I'm going shoe shopping again this weekend!

I ran 6.83 miles, which is almost 11km! My time: 1 hour, 8 minutes, and I burned 690 calories! Woo! I used my Polar Heart Rate Monitor for my time and calories, and used my Nike+ iphone gadget to track my miles.

The two pictures above were of the massive hill (aka Mountain) I have to run up. I was only able to run about 1/4 of it at a time. It's that steep! I wish the pictures did it justice. When I've just walked up that mountain in the past, I felt the burn in my butt for days. Let's hope today's run won't cripple me for the rest of the week. Portland finally has nice weather and I want to take advantage of that!

Ok, off the have lunch with a friend and get pedicures. :)

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  1. I sooooo am in need of a pedicure! Hope it was nice and relaxing :)

    I found you - good luck with the new blog!