Saturday, February 20, 2010

Training for Reach the Beach

Today was the perfect Portland day! The sun is out and it's absolutely beautiful. We went for a bike ride on the Springwater corridor. We did about 27 miles or so, and I burned 1,388 calories! It felt great. It was the first real bike ride on my new bike. I feel confident with more training, I can compete in Reach the Beach.

The Springwater corridor is nice because I'm not as comfortable on city streets yet and it's a pretty nice ride. I saw people walking horses too! We had to turn around prematurely because part of the trail was gravel! Boo!

After the strenuous 3 hour bike ride, we rode down to Sellwood to get lunch. Papa Haydn's was our first choice but alas, no bike rack free so off to Pizzacato! YUM!

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