Quick Food Tips

Just a few quick food tips I've learned along the way....

Quick Tip: Cinnamon can reduce and stabilize blood sugar levels, say numerous studies. Find ways to get a teaspoon a day in your diet—on your oatmeal, in your herbal tea, in an Indian curry dish.

Quick Tip: A handful of walnuts, a spoonful of flax-seed oil on your oatmeal, a tuna fish sandwich, or a piece of grilled salmon will add more essential fatty acids to your diet.

Quick Tip:  Cottage cheese is the best "diet food" out there. It's low in fat, low in calories, and VERY high in protein! The perfect snack after lifting weights at the gym.

Quick Tip: Avoid fruit juice. It's packed with sugar. Why drink your calories? If you're craving fruit juice, eat a fresh orange.