Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Monday's Dinner

Last night's dinner was very yummy. I suppose we made a taco salad but it was really Michael's concoction.

First, I put baby spinach in the bottom of the bowl. Then I put a thin layer of Daisy Light Sour Cream over the spinach. Topped that with chopped olives. In the picture to the left, there's jalapenos in Michael's bowl. Next, cubed Colby Jack cheese. Michael sauteed a serving of shrimp for each of us (about 9 shrimp) with Mexican seasoning like cumin, cayenne and salt and pepper. A few tortilla chips and some salsa on top and it was done! It was really good and healthy and filling. I estimated the entire dinner to be about 600 calories or so.

Shrimp is a great "diet food" because it's really low in calories, healthy and filling. One serving of shrimp is also really high in protein! Perfect dinner after a hard workout.

Today I am taking the day off from exercising. I'm a bit sore from yesterday's run and am also starting to feel a little run down. To prevent getting sick, I'm going to rest today and tomorrow.

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