Thursday, March 4, 2010

Road Trip Snacks and REI Finds

I picked up my new running fuel belt from REI. I ordered it online from their clearance website. I'm a bit disappointed at how large it is. I thought it was smaller. :(

I tried it on last night and it fits, I didn't bump my elbows when I moved my arms like I was running. It just felt big and bulky. I might keep it for Trail Running. But I can't see myself really using it for my regular runs. Perhaps it will come in handy for Hood to Coast.

While I was at REI, I also bought some Cliff's "Gu" packs and some Sharkies. I've never tried either but will try them on the Shamrock Run next week if I need a boost of energy.

I'm going to pack some healthy snacks for tomorrow's road trip. Thankfully a friend is house-sitting/kitty-sitting for us this weekend. One less thing to worry about!

Michael and I are going to Bend tomorrow with our friends who have a timeshare. The weekend will be fun-filled with snowshoeing, hiking, and (much needed) massages! I can't wait. Bend is about a 3 1/2 hour drive from Portland so I want to bring some healthy munchies. So far I have:
1. Granola (apple and cinnamon flavored "lite" granola from Fred Meyer's organic bulk section)
2. Trader Joe's Pretzels
3. Apples (I have an assorted array of apples that I will slice tomorrow before we leave)
4. Cheese (I will cube some Colby Jack for easy snacking)
5. Girl Scout Thin Mints (Okay, I know they aren't healthy but they are coming with us anyways!!)

Hopefully this will prevent us from wanting to stop somewhere convenient for snacks!!

QUESTION: What is your favorite snacking food? Is it healthy?

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