Sunday, March 7, 2010


After our gut-bomb lunch at Deschutes, we headed up to Mt. Bachelor to do a short snowshoeing hike. We stopped at Swampy Lakes and got all our gear on. It was probably about 2pm when we started. The Snowshoe loop was a little under 4 miles.
It took us 2 hours to do the loop and I burned 900 calories!!!! Basically, I burned off lunch! Yay! I felt really good about that number. Unfortunately, around mile 3, my left knee started to really hurt. :( I am hoping I didn't do any lasting harm to it. The trail was fairly level and flat, with only a few big hills and a few small, rolling hills.

I really like snowshoeing a lot. It's a fairly easy winter sport to do and it's almost impossible to really hurt yourself (like you would skiing). And it's way cheaper than skiing! This was the first time I snowshoed without a guide and it went great. I'm really happy we tried it on our own and I think my next purchase will be my own pair of snowshoes. The trail was clearly marked and if you stayed on the trail, there was no way to get lost or turned around.

We saw a lot of animal tracks too. The snow was peaceful and the weather was perfect. In fact, the weather was wonderful ALL weekend long! We really lucked out. I will say, though, that it wasn't much of a vacation! We did NOT rest or relax at all. Oh well, we had fun!

After snowshoeing, we checked into Eagle Crest where our friends have a timeshare and us girls went to the nearest grocery store to get food for the weekend. We decided on EASY, which translated to probably not the healthiest...For dinner Friday night we made 2 frozen pizzas for the four of us. Newman's Own and California Kitchen I think. They were okay. We stayed up pretty late playing Yahtzee and having some drinks. Fun!

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