Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ankle and Food Update

Last night my lovely boyfriend Michael took very good care of me! The second I got home, I got in my jammies, elevated my ankle and iced it. Michael is a wonderful caretaker. When I'm sick or hurt he always takes care of me. He fixed dinner: left over steak grilled up, potatoes and onions and a spinach salad. He refused to let me help and insisted I sit down the whole time. :) And later I found out HE was even injured as well! He pulled his hamstrings (pretty badly) on his last bike commute. Poor guy. :(

I woke up this morning and my ankle felt so much better! Maybe all it needed was a little rest and ice. I'm still going to the doctor this afternoon to make sure it's okay. I want it to be healed enough to go for a hike this weekend!

Breakfast this morning was Cream of Wheat. Snack will be a banana and I have a grapefruit for this afternoon.

Fun tidbit: A coworker who is running the Portland Marathon this year told me something amazing! Apparently if you run and finished the San Francisco Marathon, you get a pedicure AND a necklace from Tiffany's! Wow!

I wanted to share something that happened recently and was really puzzling! I had my snacks on my desk (apple and an orange) and a coworker asked me if I was on a diet.  I said not really and asked "Why?" slightly confused. He said that he noticed my apple and orange on my desk. I was left feeling completely baffled as to why eating fruit would mean I was on a diet. Do people really assume diets = fruits and veggies?  

QUESTION: Even when you're not "watching your weight" or actively trying to lose weight, are fruits and veggies part of your regular day??


  1. Cute photo of you two!

    I never seem to have a hard time with having veggies as part of my daily routine- it's the fruit that somehow seems to go by the wayside! I try to make sure I get it in a breakfast but sometimes I'm just not feeling it.

  2. @Kat - Thank you! It was taken last spring during a hike.

    I have the opposite problem--I can eat fruit at every meal but struggle to fit in enough veggies. My solution to that has always been to eat a big salad with dinner.