Sunday, March 14, 2010

After Party

Here are a few more pictures from the after party at the Waterfront. It was fun! To the left is a picture of me and my very cold boyfriend, Michael. :)

To the right is me with water and the Stanford's salmon chowder. YUM.

We didn't stay a long time. I could feel myself starting to stiffen up and my legs were a bit shaky and jello-like. I was ready to go after I finished eating. A hot shower felt great. Soon, a nap!

According to my Nike+, my pace was 8'01!

I just wanted to point something out about the run today. I saw so many people of different sizes and shapes running the 8k with me. If you EVER feel like you can't do something, think again! YOU CAN! :)

UPDATE: According to the Shamrock Run website, my time is 52 minutes and 48 seconds!

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