Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Last night I went to the pool to stretch out my sore legs. The second I got in the pool, my leg stiffness was gone. I felt no pain! (The picture to the right was just something I found online. It's not my pool, obviously, but I wish it were!!!!)

It helped so much! I always tell people if they are in any kind of pain or soreness, swimming cures it! My legs feel 90% better today. It also helped to sit in the hot tub for 10 minutes I'm sure.

The downside of the Shamrock: I think I hurt my ankle. Yesterday it started to bother me. Today is a little better but it's still troublesome. I wrapped my ankle last night and slept with it on. I also wrapped it today. I'd rather be safe than sorry so I'm trying to rest my ankle.

Years ago, I had surgery on my right ankle to repair the ligament. It was extremely painful. I also sprained my Achilles in my left ankle 3 years ago. Luckily, this current pain doesn't feel like either of those old injuries.

UPDATE: I'm going to the doctor tomorrow afternoon to see what's up with my ankle. I'm crossing my fingers it's nothing awful. :(

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