Friday, March 19, 2010

Bike Ride Cure-All

Yesterday kind of sucked for a number of reasons. Work stresses and petty BS kind of ruined my afternoon and evening. As much as I tried to let it not bother me, it did. So no pictures of me during yesterday's bike ride. Red eyes and my vanity prevented that! Michael and I went for a fantastic bike ride when I got home! It felt great. Because of the time change and the sudden nice weather, it was sunny and somewhat warm until almost 7:00! I can't wait for summer.

We did Michael's commute and it took about 53 minutes there and back to the house. There were a few hills too! A few times my gears locked up (which was scary).  I realized a few things:
1. I need to take a bike maintenance class ASAP before Reach the Beach. Just in case.
2. I also realized I am still scared to go really fast down hills. Hopefully I beat that fear soon!!! Michael whizzed by me like it was nothing!
3. I really need cycling sun glasses.
4. I hate my bike pedals. They are such a struggle! I fumble and can't get my foot in. Michael ordered me some clip-in cycling pedals so hopefully I get those soon so I can practice clipping in.

My average heart rate was 136 (just below my target to be honest) and my max was 181. I felt really great about the 409 calories too!

Michael made bratwursts for dinner (I didn't end up eating it all because I got full). I put some spicy mustard on it and a little cheese. We also had some homemade guacamole and tortilla chips. 

I felt way too full after eating all of that. I think I'm okay for my calories. Since I was really upset, I felt some of the old "pulls" to eat bad food. Emotional eating at it's finest! But I didn't give in to them 100% (just a little bit!).

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