Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Grocery Store Finds & Tip for Snacking

Today I had jury duty...or what I like to call "sit around and wait duty". It pretty much took all day and I wasn't chosen for the trial. I'm not too put out about the whole thing because I brought books to read and finished one of them! I was able to come home during lunch and fix something healthy, instead of eating out.

While I was at the courthouse, I ran into someone I hadn't seen in about 4 or 5 years. She didn't recognize me at all. Last time she saw me, I was about 230 pounds. I wonder what she thought?

I woke up today feeling very sore from yesterday's gym workout. The weights I did were all upper body and my arms and chest are reminding me of that fact. The 40 minutes I did on the stair-master REALLY made my butt and hamstrings sore. Weird! I need to take it easy for the next few days so I don't overdo it before Sunday's race.

I went to Fred Meyer to pick up some things and got a few goodies! First, Dannon is making an attempt to market Greek style yogurt. I picked up two to try (vanilla and strawberry). They are lower in calories than a lot of the other Greek yogurts out there so that appealed to me. I hope they taste good! The second find was Oroweat Sandwich Thins! I am very excited to try these! I've been reading about them on other food blogs and they seem to be popular. What I like is that they are 100 calories. Tonight we are making turkey burgers for dinner and I'm going to use the Sandwich Thin instead of a regular hamburger bun.

I also bought some seeds to grow my own carrots! I am very excited. :)

I wanted to share a tip that I learned a few years ago that has helped me a great deal. It's about snacking and self-regulation. How many times have you been watching TV, snacking on some chips (or cookies, or whatever) and you realize that you just ate the entire bag? Oh so many times! When I started counting my calories years ago, what I did was count out a serving and that's all I ate.

So instead of grabbing a bag of chips and mindlessly mowing through the whole bag, look on the back of the bag and see what a serving size is. If it's 18 chips, count out 18 chips and put them on your plate and put the rest of the bag away. Eat them slowly and SAVOR them, make them last. When you know you can only eat 18 chips, you really do want to make them last. :)

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  1. Lisa,
    As I commeneted on your blog before you (the plastic surgeries)you look great and I commend you efforts. But, what keeps you motivated, and i also read that you ate a lot of Lean Cusinie when you first started. What do you eat normally snacks included.