Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ankle Update

Yesterday I went to the doctor to have my ankle checked out. The doctor said I probably just strained it a little bit and had some bursitis in my ankle (inflammation). She said if I need to keep icing it and taking Advil, to do so but really the only thing she said was to take a week off from running and don't run hills for awhile. I'm okay with that! I picked up some vitamins for joint health.

Then I had a snack and headed to the pool. I love going to the gym on holidays! It's practically empty! I enjoyed my swim, but took it easy so I didn't hurt myself.

My doctor did give me some physical therapy exercises I should be doing. She recommended that I stretch every single day, even on days I don't exercise. 

I'm really happy that my ankle is okay! And looking forward to hiking this weekend.

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