Monday, February 15, 2010


One of my favorite winter activities is snowshoeing. I'm fairly new to the sport, and haven't attempted to do it on my own yet. I hope to remedy that in a few weeks when I go on vacation with some friends. We plan on renting some snowshoes and poles from REI for the weekend and exploring Mt. Bachelor.

Some people might be intimidated by the concept, but really, after a 5 minute lesson on how to put the shoes on, you'll be fine. I suggest a guided tour at first, unless you have training in outdoor navigation. When everything is white, it's very easy to get turned around.

Besides the fact that snowshoeing is a lot of fun, it's a GREAT workout! If you don't like running, but walking or hiking is your thing, snowshoeing will be a snap. It's essentially just walking on top of snow.

Some of the benefits include:
*You burn 45% more calories snowshoeing than if you were just walking or hiking.
*Hip flexors and quadriceps can get more of a workout than just walking due to the lifting motion of each step. (Which is great news for runners and bikers!)
*It's a low-impact aerobic exercise.
*It's much easier to learn than skiing! :)

Depending on what part of the country you live in, winters can be pretty brutal. If you're a runner and it's snowing (like in Philly where my brother lives!), you can't go for a run outside. Snowshoeing is a great cross-training activity.

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